Ryland Fisher serves up a slice of ‘Americana Heaven’ on the “Heaven Can Wait” EP

Ryland Fisher understands the importance of true timelessness, for the “Heaven Can Wait EP” sidesteps trends for something much more eternal. The guitar work, the lyrics, the arrangements- all of these have a grace to them. By far, the greatest power that resides within the sound comes from his assured vocals. Pastoral imagery with a distinct poetry guides the listener on this vivid, unique journey that has such a realness to it.

The opener and title track “Heaven Can Wait” sets the tone for the genteel spirit that follows. Acoustic guitar takes front and center stage, serving as a joyous counterpoint to the sheer strength of his words. Electric guitars warble through “Fifth Half Full” as Ryland lets the whole experience seemingly melt away. Here, that matters considerably for it emphasizes the sheer beauty that appears to come in and out of view. On “Space (Stripped Down)” he goes for an intimacy not found on the original version from his debut album, as this re-imagined arrangement harkens back to the "haunted" feel of "Sleeping With Ghosts: Volume 1".

With the “Heaven Can Wait EP,” Ryland Fisher shows off a true flair for storytelling- featuring narratives that intertwine to create something unbelievably lovely.


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