Ryland Fisher Goes Against the Herd with Sophomore Album, ‘Black Sheep’ 

Musically and emotionally, singer-songwriter Ryland Fisher has elevated his craft to the next level on his sophomore album, Black Sheep. His country-without-the-twang vocals and lyrical swagger are sure to excite new legions of country, rock, and alternative fans alike.   

Those who’ve followed Fisher from the beginning know and love that he isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, as he shows in his latest romantic ballads, ‘Here We Go Again’ and ‘Everything to Lose;’ or shoot you straight, as proven in ‘It Is What It Is’ and ‘Forget For a While.’ He’s never one to shy away from topics other artists won’t touch. 

In fact, ‘Forget For a While’ is possibly his most compelling release to date. The sexiest sad song you’ll ever hear, Fisher touches on the distinct difference between love and loneliness in seductive- but brutally confessional- lyrics.  

The third track landing squarely in the middle of the album sums up a theme throughout the entire record: ‘It Is What It Is.’ That seems to be Fisher’s motto for everything from a broken relationship to a one-night stand to a new, undeniable spark of love. And of course, with his title, Black Sheep, and the rebellious anthem, ‘Higher Ground,’ it’s clear Fisher is who he is, too—take him or leave him. 

Every single track on this album is infused with rock and roll attitude, thoughtful reflection, hypnotic musicality, and Fisher’s signature storytelling. There’s even a pedal steel guitar. Men and women alike will feel like he’s reading their journal—so whether you’re falling in love or falling apart, Fisher has a song that vividly taps into whatever you’re feeling.

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