Ryland Fisher Releases Debut Album, 'RYLAND'

'RYLAND' is the debut LP from acclaimed Nashville-based songwriter, musician and producer Ryland Fisher. The album is an accumulation of Ryland's work as a writer and showcases his songs as a country rock solo artist in his own right. With a sound that spans from soothing, slow laments to up-tempo, hedonistic anthems, 'RYLAND' is a debut album that sees Ryland Fisher burst onto the scene with an artistic flair that is entirely his own, seamlessly shifting between eclectic mixes of both classic country sounds and more modern spins. Not one to shy away from fusing a classic rock sound with nods to other musical styles and inspirations, the album sees Ryland pull from a wealth of genres. His days in the punk rock scene may be behind him but that certainly isn’t stopping him from adding alternative elements to his sound.  

On 'Space', Ryland gives us a striking electric guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place in the alt-rock scene while spinning the track into an instant-classic country rock anthem with his all-American vocal twang. On the other hand, the emotional piano-driven sound of 'Photograph' sees Ryland in a melancholic light; reflective and every bit witty in his lyrical writing and delivery. Ryland’s penchant for irresistibly catchy ear-worms is also more than apparent on this album with tracks such as "If This Didn't Kill Me" and the opening track "I Don't Need Anything" boasting some serious singalong potential with Ryland’s signature optimism and charm shining through.  

'RYLAND' is the kind of album that needs several listens to sink in; with infinite layers to peel back and appreciate, Ryland Fisher has certainly found his footing in the music world with a sound that is unequivocally his own in the form of this exceptional debut.

Antonia Sulley, Glass Frog Music

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